Selecting the best patio furniture set

Patio furniture set is always a good choice when it comes to create a presentable outdoor space. However, if you start searching for the best patio furniture sets online, you may get confused because of various types of patio furniture sets. So we bring to you a well researched article on choosing the best patio set.

Patio sets can be classified mainly on material

1) Teak Wood patio sets
2) Iron patio sets
3) Rattan patio sets

Teak Wood Patio Sets

Teak wood patio sets are the most classy and durable among all types of patio furnitures. Teak is a hardwood which has been known for its durability since ages. Teak wood contains a natural oil which acts as a preservative and hence it can stand even extreme temperature. It is 100% resistant to termites. Because of its property and durability, it is also costly than patio furnitures of other materials. If you look at overall life expectancy of patio furnitures, then no other material comes even close to beat teak wood patio furniture sets.

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Iron Patio Sets

Iron patio sets are best suited for people who are tight on budget. Iron patio sets are comparatively much cheaper than teak wood patio sets but they are not as lost lasting as teak wood sets. Also they require good care as compared to teak wood sets. However, they come in more variety of styles and looks. They tend to work very good with a little extra care. They are available both in traditional and contemporary designs

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Rattan Patio Sets

Rattan is a type of long vine that matures in tropical parts of the world. Rattan wood is strong and also lightweight. Rattan patio sets can be made of either natural rattan or synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan is what is most common these days as it is more durable than natural rattan patio furniture. Rattan patio sets have an upper hand when it comes to smooth finish. Rattan patio sets fall midway between choice of teak wood and iron patio furniture. So, if you cannot go for a budget of teak wood furniture and want something better than iron patio furniture, then rattan patio set is the answer.

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