Case Study of Effect of High Authority Links

So with all the ups and downs that are constantly going on in the link building arena, this is a case study which was focused to uncover recent trends in linking. This is a case study of a website which has been in focus from January 2015. The site was bu********

As of  January 2015, links

1) 2 Comment links

2) 1 Forum post

Later by end of March 2015, links were

1) 4 Comment Links

2) 2 Forum Posts

3) 1 Niche Relevant blog post

On April 14th, 2015, a new link was crawled by from a news site with PR 8 and DA 91.

As of May 3rd, 2015. The stats are

1) Keyword 1 with 28,000 searches/month at first page on position 4

2) Keyword 2 with 22,000 searches/month at first page on position 2

3) Keyword 3 with 33,000 searches/month at second page.

To dig deeper, we also came across other related keywords in the same niche and 6 out of the 9 websites ranking on first page of google for 9 different keywords has at least 1 link from a high authority news site.

This trend shows a new backlinking strategy which is based on high authority news sites.

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